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Thirupathi, Custodial Death, Sabramanaipuram PS

Context of Torture                                                               

The victim and his friends were going to their home after attending a relatives family function in Bandikovil.  At about 04.00 PM near Subramaniapuram Gurukulam School, four police officals of Jaihindupuram blocked the vehicle and arrested the victim and his friends for questioning them at Jaihindupuram police station.

There they were abused and the victim was tortured by the police. The victim was shifted to Government Hospital at Rasasai.

On 09.02.2021 a Police Constable Rajkumar from Jaihindupuram Police Station approached the victim to collect the victim’s statement, rather than collecting the statement he threatened the victim and took his signatures of the victim, victims’ wife and his sister. Even after that no complaint has been registered against the perpetrators.

On 10.02.2021 the victim submitted a detailed complaint to High Commissioner of police, Jaihindupuram and other higher officials. Due to this a complaint has been registered in Crime No 90 of 2021.[i]

On 16.02.2021 victim sent a complaint to the Commissioner of Police, Madurai and to the relevant higher authorities to take disciplinary action against the Inspector of Police, Jaihindupuram.

on 17.02.2021 victim went to Jaihindupuram Police Station and appeared for investigation on 19.02.2021 as per the summons received by him from Jaihindupuram Police Station and on that day the Inspector of Police informed victim that they are on leave and today there is no investigation in the said police station. Then Inspector Selvakumar of Jaihindupuram Police Station dismissed in victim’s case.

Type of Torture

Sub Inspector Selvakumar and fellow policemen abused the victim and his friends by calling the case slurs. Then he brutally kicked the victim on the victims face and broke his jaw.

The Police hit the victim; they punched him and kicked him to knock the victim down. The Police beat the victim using lathis on his legs, buttocks and back.


Selvakumar (Sub Inspector), Kaleeswaran, Palani, Isaki and other Police officials of Jaihindupuram Police Station.

Physical and Psychological Effects

The Victim's ear was swollen, and blood was oozing from his nose and mouth. The Victim suffered from a fractured jaw. The Police also stole the money of the victim while taking his custody.

The Victim committed Suicide due to intimidation by the police. 

Description of assistance to be provided

Legal Intervention – An urgent appeal was filed before the Tamil Nadu State Human Rights Commission. Intervention before Session Court.

[i] 90/2021 dated 11.02.2021 Under Section 147, 323 Indian Penal Code.

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