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You have issued a statement dated 04.04.2023 titled Media trial regarding an allegation of Custodial Violence against Mr. Balveer Singh, IPS, due to public interest. You addressed the statement to “Dear All” without specifying any name. So, we have taken the statement as being addressed to us and, just as you openly shared your concern and apprehension regarding Mr. Balveer Singh IPS; here, we also openly wish to share our concern and anxiety regarding Mr. Balveer Singh IPS. We trust you will respond to our statement.

Your statement is entirely new for Tamil Nadu. When the issues related to police custodial violence were emerging in Tamil Nadu, no one in the name of “The IPS Officers’ Association intervened” and commented on them. It is the first time we have seen such an intervention. We are also surprised to see such a report in the name of your association.

From your statement, it seems that the Tamil Nadu Police officers are working in two divisions, IPS and non – IPS officers. This separation is unhealthy and we feel that your statement already existing rift and distressed.  

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