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Protests Break Out in TN Following Pollachi Sexual Harassment Case

Leaked video and audio recordings, police bungling, and alleged political interference have led to thousands taking to the streets, demanding justice for the survivors.


In a press statement, Henri Tiphagne, Executive Director of People’s Watch, Madurai, condemned the disclosure and called for serious action to be taken, “It is worrisome that none of the higher police officers including the Additional Director General of Police(L&O), Inspector General of Police, Coimbatore and Deputy Inspector General of Police of Coimbatore range have not taken any disciplinary action against Mr. Pandiyarajan known to the public for revealing the identity of the victim. Secondly, Mr. Pandiyarajan by stating that there was no “political influence” in this case has raised more doubts and concerns about the nature of the investigation.” Tiphagne also alluded to an earlier incident of misdemeanour by Pandiyarajan, in 2017 when he was a Deputy Superintendent. A widely publicised video shows him slapping a woman protestor at a demonstration against TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation that has monopoly on liquor sales in the state.)  People’s Watch has registered a complaint against him with National Human Rights Commission, which has been transferred to the Tamil Nadu State Human Rights Commission. The SHRC has attached this complaint to their suo-motu complaint, according to Tiphagne.

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