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The detailed post-mortem report of the 17-year-old boy who was beaten to death in the Government Observation Home in Chengalpattu last year stated that the body bore 95 injuries, most of them being contusions and abrasions.

The juvenile, who had been caught by the Railway Police for a theft, was allegedly beaten to death in the Government Observation Home last December and was admitted to a hospital by the staff, stating that he had collapsed due to poor health. After investigating, the police arrested six persons who worked at the observation home that functioned under the Social Defence Department. While the six were released on bail, the police arrested another staff member named Nandakumar recently.

Addressing mediapersons on Monday at Chennai Press Club, I. Aseer, State coordinator of the Joint Action against Custodial Torture, and other activists said this was a clear case of custodial torture and the post-mortem report indicated that the body bore 95 injury marks.  “When the mother went to the Government Hospital, Chengalpattu, to see her son’s body, she was forcibly taken to the house of a woman staff of the observation home and illegally confined, with her mobile phone taken by the staff. Action has yet to be taken against the officers of the Social Defence Department who allegedly kidnapped and detained her,” he said.

Mr. Aseer added that the authorities handed over the post-mortem report to the affected party only after struggling for two-and-a-half months. However, the video recording and photographs have not been given yet.

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