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Vignesh, 22, of Pattinapakkam, chennai, died unexpectedly while being questioned at the police station. In this context, People's watch Director Henry Thieben, human rights activists Sudharamalingam, BS Ajitha, and Jimraj Milton told reporters in chennai yesterday on behalf of the Joint Movement Against police Torture: "In this case, a murder case should be registered against the police concerned, and a police inspector should be arrested under the Prevention of Torture Act."


Vignesh's funeral was paid for with a sum of Rs 1 lakh by the police. Why should they have to pay if they are not at fault? Why should the government foot the bill for Rs ten lakh? The court has received a petition to reimburse the Rs 1 lakh. The case should be reported to the CBCID investigative officer as soon as possible. The case should be heard by the high court on its own initiative, and an injunction should be issued to avoid similar police station killings. We need to provide Vignesh's brothers with Aadhar, voter, and family cards, as well as a home. As they put it.


Vaccinations are administered once a person has been diagnosed with dengue fever. The facilities supplied by the tamil Nadu government to trap mosquitoes and test the presence of the dengue virus were not used by the corporation administration even before the virus spread to humans.

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