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Mr.Henri Tiphagne, executive director of People’s Watch, had raised a few questions in his open letter to the IPS Officers’ Association-Tamil Nadu Chapter president Mr.Abhash Kumar -on 6th May 2023. “You have issued a statement dated 04.04.2023 titled Media trial regarding an allegation of Custodial Violence against Mr. Balveer Singh, IPS, due to public interest. You addressed the statement to “Dear All” without specifying any name. So, we have taken the statement as being addressed to us and, just as you openly shared your concern and apprehension regarding Mr. Balveer Singh IPS here, we also openly wish to share our concern and anxiety regarding Mr. Balveer Singh IPS. We trust you will respond to our statement,” Mr.Henri Tiphagne has said through his appeal from People’s Watch from Madurai today.

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