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A two-year-old baby tested positive for the HIV virus last week at the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, despite her parents and
twin brother testing negative for the same. The parents allege the child could have got the virus only from blood or a fluid transfusion. They also
say that the child last underwent a blood transfusion at CMCH in July last year, and it could have been the only source for the infection. CMCH
authorities, however, said they have traced the transfused blood back, and have documents to prove that it is HIV-negative.

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 In a shocking case, parents of a two-year-old girl from Coimbatore have claimed that their child has contracted HIV through blood transfusion at the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, where she was admitted for cardiac treatment. While tests have confirmed that the child is HIV positive, hospital officials claim it is not because of the transfusion at their facility. 

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