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ESR-LSA Program


People‚Äôs Watch as a human rights platform at the national level¬† well known for its cutting-edge work in civil and political work, decided in its Strategic Planning ‚Äď 2008, that it was time it moved towards engaging in ESC rights.¬† Ever since, the organization has made use of every bit of opportunity to engage itself in this field.¬† Our programs on livelihood rights, however small comparatively, were in this direction.

The philosophy behind this project is that no NGO should replace government structures and systems that are in place for enjoyment of the rights of the citizens. Therefore, People’s Watch should not have a fleet of advocates taking up the cases of victims of rights violations. The role of the organization is to ensure that systems are in place and those systems work as mandated. Hence, helping in the strengthening the LSA, however difficult it is, becomes mandatory even before talking in terms of victims getting access to justice through them.

Often socio-economic rights are presented and perceived as gratis of a benevolent government. The mission of People’s Watch in inculcating a human rights culture will be accomplished in a very tangible way.

Whenever the Human Rights violations are taking place in Tamil Nadu, People’s Watch has been involved in monitoring such violations through its Fact Finding team and has filed many complaints against the perpetrators  to the concerned officials and filed cases in the courts to get the Justice with the support and co-operation from the victims. At the same time People’s Watch believed that it is the State Govt.’s responsibility to prevent such HR violations and take action against the perpetrators in case of any violation which is brought to their notice  and take action and render Justice for the victims. Hence it becomes necessary to joint hands with the Govt. and try to strengthen the existing LSA by taking up research study by identifying the existing structure  of LSA and the outcome of the study would be beneficial to the ordinary public with the expected changes to be brought in for the effective and efficient  functioning of Legal Service Authorities.

Conceptualization of the basic ESC rights of the marginalized and excluded communities at the grass roots is what People’s Watch expects to develop. Thus we hope that the rights discourse will then get centered in the lives of the poorest of the poor for whom the right to education, health, food and land mean a lot. Such a conceptualization coupled with finding legal remedies for the same using the sub-ordinate courts of the land is what will be the new direction that PW will tread upon as a result of this project.    

Positively, this program has helped us to renew our contacts with many civil society organizations and persons committed to ESC rights and involve them in the collective process of action for justiciability of ESC rights through the medium of the Legal Services Authority in the state.  It has been an enriching experience for People’s Watch which has been mandated to implement this project to receive expertise from others right from the initial training through preparation of various questionnaires for the study of LSA to mid-term reviews

The organization also has long term vision of making the citizenry to be the guardians and watchdogs of its own rights.  The emergence of the Citizens of Human Rights Movement [CHRM] as the result of our decades long work in human rights is a pointer in this direction.  With the engagement the hundreds of CHRM units will strengthen themselves by becoming active monitors of violations of ESC rights in their neighborhood. These neighborhood units of CHRM when they join hands with other similar civil society organizations and movements will pave way for a society which will be less and less tolerant towards human rights violations. In all these ways the present engagement will go a long way in achieving the long term goals of People’s Watch.

Participants list of Regional Pre‚ÄźResearch Training Program for Advocates on the delivery of Legal Aid to the Poor under the Legal Services Authority Act in Tamilnadu

HRE 2020



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